There is only one Dennis Bergkamp
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I have always said Dennis Bergkamp will remain the best partner I have ever had. He is a dream for a striker.

Those are words of Thierry Henry - a player who has played with such legends as Zidane and Del Piero, to mention just a few. Henry's statement surely holds the truth: Dennis Bergkamp has been regarded as the greatest foreign player ever in the English game. One could even say he is one of the classiest strikers ever to grace the game.

Bergkamp was essential in the creation of the most cosmopolitan and progressive side in the Premiership - he was not signed by current Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger, but was the epitome of the side Wenger created - stylish, technical and professional.

One runs out of superlatives in describing Bergkamp as a player: his perfect touch, passing of incredible vision, sublime finishing, out of this world skills, not to mention selflessness; Dennis always thought what was the best for the team, not for himself. But there has always been so much more to Bergkamp than just goalscoring ability and he has plenty of that as his ratio of one goal in two and a half games testifies. The way Bergkamp could kill a team with one pass was just amazing; he would sometimes do things out of nowhere. The epitome of this was the assist he gave to Freddie Ljungberg in the Champions League against Juventus at Highbury - he dribbled past three defenders and had the vision to not only see Freddie, but to find him aswell. Dennis had also the ability to destroy any team on his day and overall class crucial to win closely-fought games against top opposition. Think of that unforgettable hat-trick against Leicester in 1997, his sensational late winner against Argentina the following year or the improbable goal against Newcastle in 2002. Those are just a few among so many other memorable goals scored by the non-flying Dutchman.

Bergkamp retired after the Champions League final against Barcelona in the 17th of May 2006, bringing the curtain down on a 20-year footballing life that has been full of wonderful goals and silver-lined with trophies. Overall, he played over 700 times for club and country, scoring 271 goals and certainly making at least as many.

Arsène Wenger summed up Bergkamp's uniqueness after the win over West Bromwich in Spring 2006, one of Bergkamp's final professional matches:

Intelligence and class. Class is of course, most of the time linked to what you can do with the ball, but the intelligence makes you use the technique in an efficient way. What he (Bergkamp) does, there's always a head and always a brain. And his technique allows him to do what he sees, and what he decides to do.

On that day, Bergkamp passed a goal and made another with his trademark style.

This site is a fan tribute to a player who you can't compare with anyone. Bergkamp was a one-off, a classic number 10 but demonstrably unique.

There was, and will ever be only one Dennis Bergkamp.

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